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Team Coordination

Before we moved to South Africa we already agreed to host a mission team from Norway in Cape Town and around... even before we knew where we would stay ourselves! That was a bit crazy but it ended up being a great outreach and we realized that we flourish in this type of ministry.



The teams join us either for the outreach phase of their Discipleship Training School (DTS) with YWAM or are made up of members of a church/ youth group. We are also happy to receive specialised teams, e.g. pastors or business people who want to use some of their time for a mission trip. Usually, a team is made up of four to 15 people including team leaders.


How long?

In the case of a DTS team the outreach extends over two months. Others might only be able to use their annual leave and therefore stay in South Africa for around two weeks. In essence, anything from 1 - 12 weeks is possible!



We cover the complete coordination of the outreach: communication via email and skype prior to the outreach, outreach scheduling, overview of the budget, booking of local transport, communication with local partner organisations and ministries, upon arrival: cultural introduction, security briefing, introduction of the area as well as the various ministries. Even though our part involves quite a bit, we expect a level of self-reliance and initiative taking on part of the team.

The range of ministry opportunity goes from A to Z and is as unique as each team. During the planning phase it is important for us to hear from the team if they have a specific focus or if God has put a certain ministry on their hearts. If a team stays for longer (e.g. a DTS team) and working in Cape Town’s townships is part of their schedule, we generally send them to the rural area (Transkei) for 1 or 2 weeks in the beginning of their outreach. Living without electricty and running water is a great cultural introduction and gives a broader understanding of the people in the townships who often have to endure hard living conditions.

Other possibilities for ministry are: youth and children ministries in the townships, sermon/ devotion/ children’s program in a church in a township, street outreaches (music, evangelism), prayer walks, practical work, creative projects (mural & canvas painting) visiting streetkids, outreaches into hospitals and schools. We also offer specialized training during the outreach if needed (complete training for DTS staff: God's Word in the Classroom, Debriefing, One-on-Ones, Values of DTS, Working Interculturally, Leading by the Spirit, Facilitating Prayer and Worship Times, etc.). Other training for business people, pastors, etc. is also possible.


How much?

The costs for the outreach are net costs (i.e. we do not raise prices to earn anything on it) and depend majorly on the length and type of outreach, and size of team. Therefore it is only possible to set up a budget once a rough schedule has been drawn up.


What about sustainability?

A big challenge when coordinating short term outreach teams is sustainability. It is important for us that a team does not only start something that cannot continue afterward or people turn to Christ through the ministry of a team, but have nowhere to grow their faith after the team's departure. Therefore, we always do our best to involve a team in already existing ministries or established churches.