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Our personal experience has shown us that Jesus meets every person with love, acceptance and his gift of hope. It thrills us to see them take steps forward or even turn their whole life around as a result!

It is important for us never to lose sight of the individual and at the same time to work strategically and sustainably. That’s why teamwork and networking with other organisations and projects is crucial in everything we do.

We initiate, we break open new ground and we build together – always with the goal of eventually not being needed. Because success for us means that local people have been strengthened and empowered in God to independently make a difference in their lives and in their environment!

"Seeing someone's potential, believing in them and walking a journey with them makes my heart beat faster."


Originally, I used to be an interior decorator in my hometown of Cloppenburg in northern Germany. Then a Discipleship Training School with YWAM in 2002 and the subsequent outreach to Brazil changed my life. Since then I feel most comfortable with the most broken people in the outermost fringes of society. Seeing someone’s potential, believing in them and walking a journey with them makes my heart beat faster.
I am a pioneer and like challenges, as well as networking. “Nothing is impossible for God” (Matthew 6) is my favorite verse from the Bible and that’s how I live – something can always be done! I am said to have a lot of energy and joy, and I like to share that with others. I don’t like indecisiveness and wasting time and other resources. Generosity, respect, trust and hard work are important to me. Time with my family and a delicious (preferably Asian) meal are guaranteed to refuel me.


After I graduated from high school in 2004 and getting married (yes, in the same year!), the Discipleship Training School at YWAM was the beginning of my involvement in missions. I am drawn to people who are disoriented and burdened. It thrills me when a little compassion, a few well-chosen words and an open ear give a person clarity, peace and courage to take the next step.
I am convinced that everyone can change their thoughts and actions (Romans 12) and I love exploring more about the role faith, therapy and life coaching play in this. Apparently people think I am a good source for creative ideas and some humor. Superficial small talk and impractical solutions are my ultimate pet peeves. I have an eye for detail and appreciate authenticity, quality and hospitality. A good book and a beautiful view are a refreshing change to our otherwise crazy lives.

"It thrills me when a little compassion, a few well-chosen words and an open ear give a person clarity, peace and courage to take the next step."



October 2005
Arrived in Cape Town

Arrived in Cape Town, began working with Shiloh Synergy in Klipheuwel, Cape Town. Helped with job creation program and learned about the culture. Partnership with Shiloh continued until 2018.

END OF 2006
Colleen’s Place of Hope

Fundraising and project management for the renovation of Colleen's Place of Hope, a home for 15 children in Mitchell's Plain.

Sibongile Day & Night Care Centre

First contact with Nomasango Xabanisa from Sibongile Day & Night Care Centre in Khayelitsha, who was taking care of seven severely disabled children in two containers. Invitation from Nomasango to help her with the development of her organisation.

Born in Cape Town
Our Kids
  • September 2008 - Naomi
  • June 2010 - Noah
  • May 2013 - Leon
2008 - 2014
Sibongile Day & Night Care Centre

Worked with Sibongile Day & Night Care Centre on the Board of Directors, fundraising and project management. Developments during this time:

  • Renovation of two containers into a day care center for 25 disabled children.
  • Purchase/construction of three houses in Khayelitsha as residential homes for 36 disabled children (most of them orphans)
  • Purchase of two vehicles
  • Renovation of the outside of the day care center and the homes with playgrounds suitable for disabled children
  • 35 full-time employees from the local area
  • Staff empowerement through training and education, positively impacted community awareness of the disabled, and strategically developed the organisation
  • Successful handover to local leadership who continue to do a wonderful job with the children to this day.

Co-founding of our NGO HOSA e.V. in Germany.

May 2014
First contact with 7de Laan

First contact with 7de Laan, Strandfontein. First steps in working with community leaders Kathy Faro and Maggy Kampher. Request for assistance with problems such as drug abuse, poverty and the break up of families. Providing relief supplies such as food and building materials after a particularly severe winter.

2015 - 2021 (and ongoing)
Hope Center in 7de Laan

Over 1500 people from the communities of 7de Laan, Oppermannsoord, City Mission & Masincedane are being served in the following ways through the multi-functional Hope Center:

  • Hope ECD Preschool for 45 children
  • Kitchen and greenhouse to provide meals for each program
  • Drop In Center:
  • Step Up job readiness program
  • Support groups for men and women
  • Recovery support for addicts
  • Social services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Community Garden Project
  • First 1000 Days (for pregnant women & mothers with young children)
  • Beyond group for school dropouts
  • Afternoon club for school children
MAY 2020
Hands & Feet

Hope Centre Project merged with our long-term partner Hands & Feet NPC.

April - September 2020
Covid Lockdown

Emergency relief for approximately 1500 people affected by the Covid Lockdown in the Camp Road Communities. Distribution of over 4000 face masks, 1500 bottles of sanitizer, soap and Covid informational materials. This support was also extended to a homeless camp set up by the city on a sports field near Hope Center. Provision of daily hot meals (breakfast & dinner) followed by food packs as a transition back to self-sufficiency after lockdown.

2020 - 2021
The Rock Academy

Successful project application on behalf of The Rock Academy, a small, independent elementary school (grades 1-7) for children from diverse economic backgrounds. The application for musical instruments, IT equipment and a vehicle was approved by ein Herz für Kinder e.V. in 2020 and implemented in 2021.


Our work in South Africa is only possible through the support of generous people - people who believe in what we do and trust us! Would you like to be one of them?